3 Steps to increase likes for a Facebook Page

3 Steps to increase likes for a Facebook Page

First of all, decide if you want to make a business page on Facebook and send requests to the people you know on Facebook.

For people already having a business, they would not have any issue promoting their business in front of an audience they know.

But some might feel horrible or awkward in front of an audience they know and it’s their startup business so they would like to maintain their business privacy.

One needs to make the Facebook business page more attractive to target the audience and set up the proper function key on their page.

This key can be anyone which you would like to appear on the Facebook page of yours when the visitor visits it.

To find this key open the Facebook page and at the right-hand side of the Facebook page photo, you get to select the action you want on your page. Select “Edit what Sapp or default” Select the “Edit button” and choose one.

Few alternatives provided by Facebook are Page follow or Page like button, view gift card, start order, Book Now, Call Now, Contact us, send a message, send a what Sapp message, or send an email.

Here our agenda is to get more Facebook page likes so select the first option Facebook page follow.

This is a very important step for getting more Facebook page likes since when you would run the advertisements people get the option to follow and this makes your Facebook advertisement campaign successful.

3 ways to increase your Facebook Page likes


Increase the friend's circle on Facebook by sending requests more in your area of reach i.e. people you know as per Facebook guidelines.

This one is limited to your usage since this can give you a start for Facebook page likes in your audience.

This method can be daunting and time taking since Facebook won’t allow sending more friend requests as it also has limits.

This method is limited and one needs to go with the second and third methods to complete the campaign.



This method goes with a directly paid advertisement by promoting the Facebook page with a goal of page likes in the audience that is interested in the specific keyword.

For example, if I have to promote my Facebook page which is related to health (Psychology-related topics) I would go on my page select the page-like button.

Select the promote option provided on the page, select the creation of a new ad that appears as a second option.

Now on this page, you need to apply for the pixel or banner you have designed for your Facebook page. Select the image and upload it. Write in brief about the description of the page and tell your audience what your page would provide them.

Now it’s time for scrolling down and selecting the label button again here which is page likes. Select “Button label to page like”

3 Steps to increase likes for a Facebook Page

You get to see your ads preview on the top right corner of the screen interface and an option “See all previews. Here you get to see the advertisement preview on the desktop news feed, a mobile news feed, mobile videos suggestions, desktop and mobile market place and much more.

3 Steps to increase likes for a Facebook Page

Select the detailed target audience which is related to your business. Choose the “interests” and “demographics” section which is very important from the advertisements campaign point of view.

Also choose the location of your audience to whom you would like to show your business or work, as the probability of the audience traveling this long will depend upon business to business.

Choose the right keyword that best matches your page or business.

Select the duration to 7 to 10 days as the shorter durations won’t be good from the impressions and visit point of view from the audience.

Here for an example, I am selecting 1500 Rs per day as advertisement budget for 7 days with a total investment of Rs 12390.

The estimated page likes given are 409 to 1200 with advertisement impressions of 4600 to 13300 people.

3 Steps to increase likes for a Facebook Page

Select the “promote now” option provided below and make payments through PAYTM an easy and simple way to make payments on Facebook.

This investment one can consider in terms of long terms for business as step 3 will better explain why it exists.



After going with the above two steps now you have a considerable amount of page followers on Facebook.

Now it comes the time of “Quality of content” you are providing to your audience which will be dependently shared by them to their friends following.

As paid advertisements do their role to reach a larger audience and then you’re content is the king who decides your Facebook page to dominate and rule over it.

No one can all the time rely or depend on Facebook advertisements as there would come one time that people would stop and would like to grow more organically.

With this short number of Facebook page likes and followers, you have to start growing or increasing page likes by posting a good quality of content every week.



Plan for sending page like requests in your friends circle initially for making it go through organic impressions

Plan for paid Facebook advertisements considering in view “target audience, age, demographics and location” with a suitable budget and study on how it works.

Consistency in posting a good quality of content which makes users share it with each other providing more chances for the post to go viral on the internet.

Make a start and take a wise decision when it comes to an investment as one needs to know what their campaign goal is so you don’t have to worry about the losses if any.






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