How should I get my old Facebook friend from my new account?


How should I get my old Facebook friend from my new account?

After creating a new Facebook account first of all do the two method check verification from your email address and mobile phone number.

Now here Facebook offers a special help when the use user registers the school name, college name, mobile phone number, and the location you live.

Especially the mobile phone umber formula works like a magic as the contacts that are saved with you come for the friend request to send impressions to the user which makes it easier to find the friend on Facebook.

Even if one has a lot of trouble finding their friend on Facebook what you need to do is search for the friend by typing the name in the search list.

Now on the top right navigation menu, you get the filter option to select the school, location, people, or business and much more like work profession of company name the friend is working with.

These things in the filter make it easier and also takes less time to find someone on Facebook in minutes without any problem.

If one is still not able to track him from the above 2 formulas then try to search the group of friends that are associated with him who you know would definitely be friends with them.

Start searching for this group and when you sent a friend request to this group of people then they start to accept and the day is not so far when you get the friend you were searching for in that friend's group.

Thanks for scrolling and best luck with your friend search mission.

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