Where is the Autoplay option in CANVA?

Auto Play option in CANVA for presentation videos and Images

 Where is the Autoplay option in CANVA?

Login to CANVA and open the design you want to prepare.

Select the “three dots” at the top right corner of the screen interface and here one gets the option of presentation.

Select the presentation option and select the timer per slide under the “Autoplay” second option in selection.

The “Standard” option is by default you can select and change the standard option so you get the choice to select the other.

One is able to give the timer from 1 to as many seconds for the presentation depending upon the subject.

Where is the Autoplay option in CANVA?

2 Ways to play a video presentation in CANVA

The first way to again select the three dots and “autoplay” option and select the standard option to select the timer.

The other one is provided on the top navigation in the case of CANVA.

Like in this case I am opening one of my already created designs and then on the top interface the option like a play the video is provided.

It runs like a PPT slides within an auto mode and one also gets an option to reduce or increase the video size by selecting the timer.

Select the timer option to reduce or increase the size of the video length and then you can select the autoplay option, to begin with.

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