3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers

Instagram Story Hack's to Grow Instagram Organically

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
Instagram Story to Increase Followers - Author Freepik

I was trying this method to increase my followers on Instagram and studied to be consistent with it.

Yes, this method is only about a simple story on Instagram to explore according to Niche.

Before proceeding, I would like to provide with my Instagram story details.

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
As per the image beside, the story was visible to 8471 number   of  People on Instagram.

That means 8471 visitors saw my story hashtag on Instagram.

This also depends upon the relevant hashtag likers and account habit of work.

Although, I got some followers from this monster figure of viewers and so can you try this.

If your work i.e. Banner, Video, Image, Illustration is what the desired audience wants, they will follow you.

The quality and knowledge provided in video or image should be true and from a Trusted source.

For example, I have seen a trending story hashtag on Instagram named #science.

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3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
Exploring Tags on Instagram Account

Instagram will show me the particular accounts and hashtags story on my account.

So the science-related work appears on that account more often.

Particularly 5 to 10 stories are always trending on that account profile.

Many of them follow a few accounts daily if their creativity and work as designed in video or banner is worth it.

The Instagram algorithm shows you the post which belongs to you and your business or Niche.

How does Instagram Story Explore work?

Use CANVA or another tool to design your Banner.

Present your idea in a more simple and easy way.

Animated banners are more likely to get explore.

Use A hashtag that is more trending on Instagram and should belong to your Niche (Subject Topic).

Give Music that is recently trending across the globe or your particular country.

People should love to watch your full story and this is how Instagram suggests this to more viewers.

If the story is not seen by the viewers for a longer period then its views also get minimized.

Mention @username of one of your followers on Instagram who has the most followers.

Also mention an upvote smiley that allows viewers to poll out the quality of your work.

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
Getting more Poll votes to explore

How I got 8500 views on my Instagram Story?

In this lockdown, I was on Quora and saw a question "Why is everyone on Instagram posting with Hashtag # until tomorrow".

So I decided to give this trending Hashtag along with a photo of my nephew Arjun which I took on Snapchat.

I gave it music that was trending and famous in that period.

Then the next day I saw was my story got a boost to 8500 views from which I got some followers.

But the trick works definitely when one is consistent.

How to Tag People on the Instagram story and normal Post?

Instagram Normal Post -

Tag the people that are relevant to your Niche or subject Topic and who are your followers.

Post the banner or video and tag your popular friends on Instagram.

Instagram usually allows as many as 30 numbers of limited hashtags to give on a single post.

Give the top 10 hashtags to your post and also comment on them in the comment section.

This sends your top tags with 2 notifications and if they like it they share them on their account or story.

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
Views for the story from Verified accounts

Instagram Story Tag and @ Mention -

Select the account that is with most followers and renowned to you as a friend or follower.

While posting the story mentions his / her username in the story.

Add the trending hashtag related to your topic.

Give some adequate music, also make your images or banners more then 2 to give the music, else option is not visible sometimes.

Provide a voting poll so that everyone polls out their answers and creates engagement with your account.

What is Post Sharing on Instagram?

Instagram accounts provide account and post information on each other's, Instagram Story.

The banner will explain with the example post sharing method for the story.

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers

Stories getting exchanges on different accounts

This allows several Instagram followers to land on different accounts and follows them.

Many Instagram accounts use this method to explore more followers.

I.e. Post your article on followers stories and his article on your story that is relevant to each other.

This technique allows many viewers to see the story turn in to followers' funnel.

3 Instagram Story Tips to Increase Organic Followers
Story Sharing on Instagram

So the Bottom Line to Increase Instagram Followers from its story is -

  • Keep posting at regular intervals.
  • Search for the Trending Topics related to your Niche.
  • Use Hashtags that are trending.
  • Give music that's famous globally.
  • Mention your follower in the story, with most followers.
  • DM your follower for post sharing on the story.
  • Start interaction with followers by adding a poll in the story.

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Images used from Pixabay and Freepik to design the main Banner.



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