Instagram Tips to Generate Traffic on your Blog

Instagram Traffic to Your Blogger Blog

Instagram has generated a boost since its taken over by Facebook with 1 Billion USD & now its sale price has been more than 100 Billion USD by now.

Instagram's features like Creators Account and Business account are beneficial for Digital marketers to promote their affiliate products.


Try this method to reach as many people as you can on Instagram who belongs to your product category.

Why do you need Instagram to drive traffic to your Blog? What can Instagram do?

Customers that make a sale are the recurring customers that visit again who trust you, your ideas, your knowledge, and content created by you.


They visit your service again and again because of your name & brand that you used with different social media platforms.

Many of us have our earnings by selling affiliate products with some skills in email marketing and SMS marketing.


But if you think of a long term goal that gets recurring customers to your service and then you start making money with no worries carry an advantage.


This is because customers will come searching for you & your brand no matter which part of the life phase you are at.


There might be few risks with affiliate marketing networks because you don’t know when your service might get in trouble.


If you don’t follow the terms & conditions mentioned on respective affiliate networks they can stop you doing business with them.


In some cases, there can be a mistake from the network and can cause unnecessary troubles.


So to avoid this one has to develop a social media account and make it strong as a backup in times of any such trouble.


In this article, we are focusing on INSTAGRAM.

Get these Instagram settings in your account now and start as a content creator or Business account of the Business you own.

Open your Instagram account, open profile, and now open settings.


Now open Account menu, Branded Content tools, and get tools & change your settings.


Creators Account – If you are an artist, content producer, and influencer.


Business Account – If you are a local businessmen, brands, organizations, and service providers.

This will help your Banner post connected to video on IGTV Channel of Instagram and can explore this post depending upon the hashtag or content of your product.

You can’t have a private account or hidden Instagram account, if you want to use Instagram’s free Business account or creators account.

You can also get an option to the landing page fo your website article in the story section once you complete 10000 followers along with many more features.

Make sure you use these tips for Making your Account Ideal or Unique from others

Be consistent and keep posting related to your content with the right Information.

Design your banner in a way customers get more information instead of attraction.

Be an eye-catcher in the first couple of seconds in which traffic decides to choose your post or not.

Start using CANVA for designing graphics and stories as it gives many extra and free templates for you as per your search.

Keep posting stories on a daily basis with the banner subject to your article with

  • hashtag
  • @name of your follower who is top famous with plenty of followers,
  • Music
  • Engagement Tags - DM, like, vote, Yes or no, etc.


Also, use these Tips & Tricks which appear to be small but are very important to get traffic to your presentation.

Give a proper name to your article and add a little description to your post with a landing page to your article for reading more on it.

This is because Instagram doesn’t allow a direct landing page option unless you have 10000 followers with a business account.

Tag a couple of followers you know and relate to your field.

Give appropriate and related hashtags to your content.

For Example, if you’re content relates to Tourism and travel hashtags like -

#tour #tourist #travel #traveler #explores world #instagood #photography work for it.

Comment the same hashtags on the post that you have uploaded. This gives 2 notifications to the people tagged in the post.

Start commenting (with a probability of 2 - 4 comments in a day) on the articles that relate to you on Instagram.

Now here be nice & calm so that post creator & audience around you will appreciate it.

Start interacting with the people associated with your business and merge both traffic with each other, this is a new method that has a boost on Instagram and YouTube that is used by everyone to promote their content.

On Instagram people post one another post on their stories for generating new ideas and Imaginations that help their followers to get ideas and confusions clear.

Quite often stay active on Instagram with regular stories, hashtags, article info and with solid music that will help boost your post.

So, Guys, start trending on Instagram as a social media platform to get traffic to your blog or website article on a daily and regular basis.


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