How to Extract Email's & Phone Numbers from Google?

Extract Email Addresses & Phone numbers from Google at Once

How to Extract Email's & Phone Numbers from Google?
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There are many social media platforms available for marketers and advertisers to promote their Brand.

One such an example is through email addresses to promote brand awareness and make an affiliate sale.

The other one involves sending text messages and promote affiliate products directly.

In the previous article, I told you how to get Bulk email addresses from Google using the Shanes tool1.

This method uses Chrome Extension to extract email addresses & Phone numbers at once.

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How to Extract Bulk Email id's from Google using Shanes Tool?

How to get Phone numbers along with Email addresses at Once?

This is possible using Google's email exporter extension on chrome browser.

This email exporter not only gives us email addresses in bulk but also provides us with a phone number.

There are few settings that are important in this process which are easy but mandatory to do.

This involves Page results to make 100 no's & Target country in search settings.

Another one is to select "Text" instead of "HTML" in the chrome extension.

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There is a step by step procedure involved as given in 25 Guidelines.

How to Get Bulk Email Addresses from Chrome web store?

1. Open Google.

2. Type "Chrome Web Store" and hit Enter.

3. Select the Chrome web store - Google Chrome.

4. In the search option, "type email exporter" & enter.

The Ultimate way to Extract Email Addresses & phone numbers from Google at Once?

Add the first extension named - Email Exporter

5. Add an extension of this email exporter to your computer.

6. After adding chrome again select add an extension.

7. Now on Google search page box type in double inverted commas "USA Weight loss"

8. Where the USA is the targeted country with weight loss as a subject or niche to extract marketing emails.

9. Before @ there is a single space bar.

10. You can also type a particular city where you have to target your audience.

11. For example, say "New York weight loss" and enter.

12. Instead of the Gmail address, you can also target the Hotmail address, yahoo, etc.

13. Usually, Google's results search page shows us with 10 Pages in 1 row.

14. You have to do these small settings in Google search settings for getting bulk emails.

15. When searched on Google, options like ALL, News, Shopping, Images, videos, etc appear.

16. Beside’s "more" option select "setting", then "search settings".

How to Extract Email's & Phone Numbers from Google?

Google Search Results Setting - Make it the same after work is completed

17. This gives an option to select 100 search pages on Google which are usually a default set to 10 Pages.

18. When selected to 100 Pages, now scroll down and select with the targeted country.

19. After selecting the targeted country & 100 pages save and wait to load the page.

20. Prove that you are not a Robot on that Page otherwise these settings will not get saved.

21. Come to the search page and reload it to get 100 search pages and now select the email exporter extension.

22. It will show you around some fewer email addresses because of its setting defaults to HTML.

23. Select "Options" in the extension and select "text" instead of "HTML".

The Ultimate way to Extract Email Addresses & phone numbers from Google at Once?

Select the Text Option Instead on HTML
& Get more email phone numbers

24. Now this will show up with more emails & phone numbers than first.

25. Copy this Phone numbers and email addresses to excel sheet or whichever format you use.

So in this way get Bulk email addresses along with Phone numbers at once saving your time.

It may happen some of the email addresses won't work which can be in a 2 to 5 % in proportion.

That is if you extract 1000 emails, it may happen 20 to 40 emails won't work, this is because either the user deleted it.

The emails and phone numbers extracted here are 100 % Organic, which means that they belong to your subject.

So the Bottom line of this article is

1. Select your target country in search settings.

2. Select 100 Search Pages in Search Settings.

3. After completion of work, select these search settings again to 10 Pages per row.

4. This is because internet speed increases 10 times than normal and you will be out of the internet in a very short span of time.

5. Don't forget to select text in options in Extension rather than HTML.

Thanks for having by and Best luck with your email marketing business.

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