How to keep website traffic for longer time?

Keep your Website Traffic for a Longer Time

It can be frustrating for a new blogger when they won't receive much traffic for their website.

This depends upon the subject they have written on or the area of interest more viewers are prone to.

Ask yourself a few questions before you start blogging.

Is it helpful for your viewers?

Or is it only helpful for you?

Are you asking people in your article to buy your product?

Have you provided lots of information through your Blog?

If you don't know the answers to these questions then you should change and start working to fulfill it.

You have to ensure the reader that you are the one who can solve his problems.

You are the real choice-maker for his decision & he can trust you.

If so the traffic will start coming towards you because of your helpful nature.

The readers are someone who is high in Imagination and they must need words that makes them imagine.

Think about why anyone would read an article that can’t make them imagine things around.

Do not copy-paste content from other websites.

It will harm your reputation & will start decreasing your web rank on Google.


How to keep website traffic for longer time?

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25 Tips and Tricks to Create Engagement on your Website.

1. Blog 2 times in a week & create few engagements.

2. Select your article title which is easy with keyword and high in traffic.

3. Catch viewers attention in a couple of seconds, people only watch the first few words and select whether to browse it or not.

4. Write articles that are short and informative.

5. Tell more stories & avoid using passive voice and adverbs, use the Hemingway app to avoid it.

6. Be Nice and add about your affiliate product at the end of the article.

7. Don’t write lengthy and boring articles, people have no time, need to respect one.

8. Write something that will make up some interest and imagination to readers.

9. Always give 100 % informative content that will help readers with their subject.

10. Write in your own simple words that the observer finds it way too easy to understand and use it.

11. Be a little funny in your experience & tell more of stories, People love it.

12. Design relevant images between articles with Caption that help you rank in Google pages.

13. Write down some crazy story experiences people are most interested in it.

14. Don’t give up in a couple of months because Earning from Blogging takes a lot of time.

15. Give references to the trusted sources as Google considers it as a professional.

How to keep website traffic for longer time?

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16. Give proper on-page SEO Settings within your Blog settings.

17. Paste Facebook Pixels code to Blog for utilizing traffic analysis for Facebook Business.

18. Don't forget to give meta description in "search option" in Blog as this appears in Google search.

19. Write a rich article with at least 1000 words and try to explain it in deep.

20. Do Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tool by submitting your article.

21. Share the articles on different platforms like free web submission, add me, Pingomatic.

22. Submit your Blog article on the USA Web Listing Directory, free PR Web directory and submission web directory.

24. Share articles on Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, and P Interest.

This encourages traffic to your Blog if your designs are attractive and informative.

25. Try using CANVA for designing images related to your article.


Now that once you have known all the ideas it will be easy for you to start getting traffic slow and steady depending upon your quality and quantity of articles per week.

How to Get more traffic to your Blog or Website and keep it for longer time?

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P interest is the best for driving traffic to your blog if designs published by you are perfect.

Use Facebook manager if you have ever planned to advertise your content on Facebook.

Facebook manager studies your blog traffic behavior and shows your ads to relevant people.

Because of this chances to succeed increase.

These 25 points will act as a short traffic generator if you start implementing it from today.

Start using Google Analytics to track the performance of your Blog about traffic sources etc.

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