How to Add Facebook Pixel to Blogger Blog?

Solve the Delimiter Entity Error & add Facebook Pixel to Blogger Blog

I personally came across Facebook pixels manager when I studied facebook masters course.

I am providing you with this awesome information that will help to grow your blog.

Many facebook advertisements do not work because they didn’t know what Facebook pixels are?

Facebook pixels are a code that is present on the website that studies website traffic behavior.

Then it implements on facebook ads the user makes for generating a lead, making sales, etc.

In this episode, I have written on how to make Facebook pixels code to enter your blogger blog.

If you try to paste this directly, you will find an entity error that will not allow you to paste the code.

In this blog, you will learn how to activate Pixel on Facebook Business Manager.


I'm trying to install a Facebook Pixel to customize my audience.  

I copy and paste the HTML after my "head" and I keep getting the same error:  Error parsing XML, line 4123, column 47: The reference to entity "ev" must end with the ';' delimiter. Right now the ev=


What is a Facebook Pixel code?

How to add Facebook Pixel to blogger blog?

The image representing Facebook Pixel Code to be copied from Facebook business manager

This is usually done for re-targeting your Face book and website traffic audience so when you create the add, Facebook analytics study the respective data of your website traffic behavior, their needs & demands and shows the ad in the most appropriate way to encourage more followers to your Page on Facebook and developing your product or brand.

Make a Google search for Google Adsense ads converter - entity converter box.

Open the Google Adsense website.


How to add Facebook Pixel to blogger blog if it’s showing a delimiter entity error?

Convert code from Facebook Pixel here on Google Adsense Converter

The reference to the entity must end with the delimiter

Open your "Blog", open "themes", and open edit "HTML", Search for "head" and above it paste the converted code and save it, you are successful.

If you are a beginner you need to first make these settings with a Facebook business manager regarding your website or blog or e-commerce website or Shopify before you start creating ads on Facebook.

How to add Facebook Pixel to Blogger Blog if it’s showing a Delimiter Entity Error?
Paste the converted code here in HTML of Blog - Theme before head

This Helps Websites about how Facebook study our business, our websites, our stores and they accordingly, choose the traffic about to which category of people the Ads should be shown so we get maximum profit and improve our business with it.

Again paste your website or blog Landing URL to the Facebook business manager and say next and it becomes active and collects all the information on your blog.

How to add Facebook Pixel to Blogger Blog if it’s showing a Delimiter Entity Error?

Come to Google and use this extension to chrome named facebook Pixel helper and it will provide you all the activities that have happened on your website or blog or word press.

When you open your website and you get the icon Facebook pixel helper you will get all the detailed analysis regarding activities on your Website.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook business manager offers a pixel code that is to paste it on your blog, website, or Shopify.

This helps facebook better to understand traffic behavior on your website.

Facebook makes its use in terms of business and analyses the category of people which is divided into several parts.

This can be interesting in various fields; people who make a sale and the ones who do not.

This helps them to sponsor advertisers on Facebook page to target the relevant audience to their business.

Facebook pixels installed on website studies traffic behavior with regards to race, age, gender, religion, birthdates, hobbies, education, and work.

This turns out to be an explosion of the real & organic traffic required for making a sale.


What are a few advantages of using Facebook Pixels?


-        Increase Revenue

-        Hike in a website Traffic

-        Generates leads

-        Organic Traffic

-        Makes a sale

-        Promotes website, YouTube

-        Increase in the number of followers

-        Achieve what you desire


Word of Advice using Facebook Manager –


Try using the Facebook business manager as it has lots of facilities available rather than an ordinary page if you have to advertise.

You can create a catalog of your products, then can connect this product to your image, pixel, or video and make then publish it.

When the product is added to the image you can make a sale on Facebook itself, then landing page leads are also additional.

Ping your YouTube video on your blog as many of them just love watching videos.

So the Conclusion for this article can be: -


Add a Facebook pixel to blogger Blogspot.

Do not just copy the code and paste it directly to your Blog.

Facebook pixels help to increase organic traffic that makes a sale and generate lead.

Make sure you study the ads stats first with a small amount and then look for a big one when you start revenue.

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