7 Easy Steps to Start Earning Money from Cricket

How to earn money from cricket

Watching cricket is a lot of fun. We enjoy the game. We watch our favorite players batting and bowling. It's like a religion in India.

Let's earn money by creating a team of 11 players. We can add some funds to increase our chances of winning a large amount of Rupees.

Many applications let you earn money by joining a team and contributing a small amount of money to it.

Let's form a team of 11 players and make money.

Download the My 11 Circle app on your mobile phone. Log in using your mobile number or email address. Confirm that you are 18+ years old.

Here you need to select the two important and key players which are your CAPTAIN and VICE CAPTAIN. The importance of both makes your points double since you have made them your key players.

One must understand that gambling is a game of chance. It should be played responsibly and without addiction.

1 - Download the MY11Circle App. Click here👉🏻 https://my11circle-ps.onelink.me/pDLJ/uwm1h78t 📱
2 - Register using my Invite Code: DEBUEYVM
3 - Get Rs. 1500* Welcome Bonus & start playing 💵 💰 🎁

Login using your mobile number and OTP.  Watch the below video on how to create a team and start participating in the competition.

After selecting 11 players, don't forget to select the substitute since any player gets off the team the substitutes get selected that you placed prioritywise.

Invest Rs 49 and try earning in the competitions that make the first rank winner up to 1 and 1.5 Crore, car, iPhone, and a two-wheeler bike.

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