15 ways to say sorry in spanish with English Pronunciation

 Here are some wonderful words used to express sorry in the beautiful Spanish language

1·  Lo siento (I'm sorry)
Pronunciation: "loh see-EN-toh"

2·  Disculpa (Sorry/Excuse me) - informal singular
Pronunciation: "dees-KOOL-pah"

3·  Perdón (Pardon/Excuse me/Sorry)
Pronunciation: "pehr-DOHN"

4·  Perdóname (Forgive me) - informal singular
Pronunciation: "pehr-DOH-nah-meh"

5·  Perdóneme (Forgive me) - formal singular
Pronunciation: "pehr-DOH-neh-meh"

6·  Lo siento mucho (I'm very sorry)
Pronunciation: "loh see-EN-toh MOO-choh"

7·  Disculpe (Sorry/Excuse me) - formal singular
Pronunciation: "dees-KOOL-peh"

8·  Perdona (Sorry/Forgive me) - informal singular
Pronunciation: "pehr-DOH-nah"

9·  Perdone (Sorry/Forgive me) - formal singular
Pronunciation: "pehr-DOH-neh"

10·  Lo lamento (I regret it/I'm sorry)
Pronunciation: "loh lah-MEN-toh"

11·  Mis disculpas (My apologies)
Pronunciation: "mees dees-KOOL-pahs"

12·  Mil disculpas (A thousand apologies)
Pronunciation: "meel dees-KOOL-pahs"

13·  Lamento mucho (I'm very sorry/I regret it a lot)
Pronunciation: "lah-MEN-toh MOO-choh"

14·  No quise hacerlo (I didn't mean to do it)
Pronunciation: "noh KEE-seh ah-SEHR-loh"

15·  Me equivoqué (I was wrong/I made a mistake)
Pronunciation: "meh eh-kee-voh-KEH"

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